GIRARD ("JERRY") TWILLINGER is a 22nd Century Gulliver. Like the hero of Swift’s satirical classic, he unexpectedly finds himself visiting a country of unusual little people -- The Zini. Forty thousand years traveling time from their home planet, these Zini have lived quietly hidden from human awareness for a long time, just beyond the orbit of Mars, in a habitat that outwardly resembles the neighboring asteroids. When Jerry discovers their "counterplanet" by accident, he begins a voyage of discovery, which is usually suspenseful, while increasingly thought provoking, and often hilarious. Although Zini society is millions of years old, its people are enough like us that they are obliged to keep themselves under control by a multi-layered system of checks and balances. Jerry comes to understand this system through a lengthy step by step process as he stubbornly seeks to prove that humans, too, are capable of being civilized! Only when he finally understands the society in its full complexity does Jerry discover that the underlying premise conditioning his voyage has been a well-hidden philosophy of "friendly persuasion" -- the classic method of Quakers.

This book is 10 years out of print but various booksellers all over the world list it for sale on the internet. If you want a copy and can't find one please contact Daniel Turner. See Friendly Invasion's Author page for contact information.

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