Twillinger's Voyage tracks the journey of healing, growth, and self-realization of a human space sojourner in the sometimes quirky, always elaborately fascinating world of the zini -- a furry, wise, and humane little people whose advanced civilization pre-dates ours by millions of years.

When Jerry Twillinger lands on what he takes to be an asteroid he's suffering from too many years at low gravity; his prospects for recovery bleak. As it turns out, this "asteroid" is in fact Z4, a space habitat of a civilization that has spread across the galaxy. Confronted by one of its inhabitants Jerry greets him in typical earthly fashion with a weapon in hand. But weapons play only a small part in the story about to unfold. Following this initial encounter, Jerry finds himself in an amazing little "counterplanet" of mists, meadows, and mountains, occupied by a society that devotes half of its workforce to maintaining the viability of their home in the frozen vacuum of space.

Here Jerry embarks on a personal transformation. Ultimately, after three years on Z4, he arranges a meeting between his former employer, an asteroid mining company, and representatives of the counterplanet. This sets the stage for commercial relationships and Jerry's eventual return to Earth. Simultaneously an adventure story, a story of self-discovery, and a speculation on the nature of civilized life, the book is riveting for its intricate creation of a whole world, including its physical, social, philosophical, and intellectual aspects.

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